Utilizing our patented technology, Spindle Books™ is the core solution that transforms print books into smart digital books. It has been selected by Oxford University Press ELT division as its official e-Book platform. Many of top-notch English teaching institutes and global publishers continue to show interests in our technology.

LAURA™ (Language Assistant Utilizing Reading Analytics) is a conversational AI Tutor solution for Personalized Learning. With a pronunciation analysis engine customized for young EFL learners and a personalized AI tutor, it offers a differentiated language experience.

Core Technologies
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Spindle Speech AI

Provides high-quality speech recognition (STT), speech synthesis (TTS), and pronunciation analysis (PAE) technology specialized in understanding pronunciation, stress, and intonation of EFL young learners aged 4-15.

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Spindle LRS

Store learners' reading history and learning data to train generative AI for personalized conversations.

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Enterprise Generative AI

Fine-tune word difficulty, sentence length, speech rate, and more to create a tailored learning experience that matches the learner's age and English level.

Cample™ is a web-based live video class solution specially designed for language learning. It provides a variety of teaching tools and management features that increase learner engagement in class, creating an optimized online learning environment.

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Spindle in Action

Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf is the official e-Book platform of Oxford University Press ELT division. It helps 4.5 million students in over 120 countries learn English.

READING & is a premium e-Book platform, housing best-seller readers of global major publishers, such as Oxford University Press, Collins, and Penguin Random House. READING & helps children to acquire English language skills naturally through our unique pedagogy called 5-step Multi-Dimension Reading.

Oxford Reading Club is a replica of READING &, provided as the PaaS (Platform as a Service). It is adopted for institutional sales in many countries, such as Japan, Turkey, Spain, and Brazil.

Big Reading Club is the first official e-Reading platform of Oxford University Press in China. OUP China has selected Spindle Books™ to launch its own e-Reading platform.

POP Reader is a digital reading platform of New Oriental Education & Technology - the largest education company in China. New Oriental has selected Spindle Books™ to launch its e-Reading platform.