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  • Mission

    Transform the way people learn & teach English

    English communication skill is considered as one of the core competencies required in many parts of the world specially for Korea, China, and Japan where a huge portion of education spendings is invested in English learning. However, inefficiency in English learning and teaching have been a problem without much improvement over the past 100 years. iPortfolio was established in 2011 with the mission to solve this problem.

  • Vision

    Global Ed-Tech startup disrupting the ELT market

    As an Ed-Tech startup, iPortfolio aims to transform the way people learn and teach English. iPortfolio envisions to disrupt the global ELT (English Language Teaching) market affecting over 1 billion people around the world learning English as a foreign language.

  • Values

    The 3 Fundamental Values of iPortfolio

    의(義): Do I have a right cause?
    인(仁): Do I have the compassion?
    성(成): Am I bringing results?

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Globally Adopted, Commercially Proven

Through numerous blind tests in several countries around the world,
iPortfolio's Spindle Books™ technology has been selected by teachers and students alike as the most pragmatic digital learning/teaching platform.

Since 2013, Oxford University Press has been operating its official eTextbook platform "Oxford Learner's Bookshelf" powered by Spindle Books™ in over 60 countries around the world.

Spindle Books™

Soulful Ed-tech from Seoul

iPortfolio provides the full suite of solutions for a complete e-Textbook based learning environment.
Spindle Books, chosen by Oxford University Press and XDF China, stems from patented technology that transforms the print books into smart digital books without compromising the fidelity of paper books.

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Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf

Oxford University Press, the largest university press in the world, launched its official eBook platform for ELT books - "Oxford Learner's Bookshelf". iPortfolio's Spindle Books powers the Oxford Learner's Bookshelf(OLB). The OLB houses thousands of ELT books from Classic Tales to University Course Books.

The official eBook platform of Oxford University Press ELT (for iOS, Android, Web)

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READING & is a revolutionary ELT eReading service platform for English Learners. It combines advanced eBook technology with Analytics, Games, Dictionary and Consolidated Book Meta DB to disrupt the conventional ELT publishing industry. Various sales model – subscription,rental, individual sales, package, code sales - and administrative features are built in. ELT publishers seeking a new way to reach learners are invited to join the

POP Reader App Icon

POP Reader

Selected by the largest education company in China –New Oriental New Oriental (listed in NYSE) has selected Spindle Books™for its e-Reading service, called POP Reader, for 1,500,000 enrolled students from K-6.

  • China’s leading private educational service provider (est.1993)
  • IPO in September 2007 on NYSE (EDU)
  • 1.5 billion RMB revenue in 2016
  • Brand preference #1 in K-12 after school market (Deutsch Bank, 2013)

Big Reading Club App Icon

Big Reading Club

OUP China’s first official e-Reading platform.
Oxford University Press China chose Spindle Books™ for its official ELT Graded Readers e-Reading platform targeting K-12 students in China.

  • Mainly targeting for classroom use in China
  • Cooperated with CNPIEC for B2B sales

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Travalloon is the world’s first ‘Smart Travel Contents Platform’.
Travalloon hosts high quality travel contents from authoritative travel entities such as tourism boards, TV broadcasting systems, and famous travel publishers. Based on these contents crowdsourced travel information are collected and shared in realtime forming a traveller’s social network.

More than 150 cities, 300 guide app-books are loaded. Partnership with Korea’s top 7 travel guide book publishers, global publishers (i.e., Footprint), and several official tourism offices including the Korea Tourism


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