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We are waiting for talented employees in different job fields to reform the way we teach and learn language through the support of innovative technology.

Result l We work with leadership and professionalism based on autonomy.
Compassion l We empathize with our customers and meet their needs. We cooperate with our colleagues and achieve mutual growth.
Just Cause l We question our purpose and reason in order to bring meaningful value to our society.

Having great colleagues is the best welfare

We learn how to be proactive and responsible through our young, experienced, and passionate colleagues.

We pursue mutual growth

Self-growth should be the highest priority over your contribution to the company. The growth of the company will come naturally when everyone has this mindset.

Welfare Benefits

Recruitment Procedure

*Subject to change

Document Screening

Please send the required documents to

First Interview

The first interview with the team leader aims to assess your practical skills

*For the developer position, coding tests may be given before the first interview

Second Interview

The second interview with executives aims to evaluate the fit between a candidate and the company

Job Offer

If given a final offer, compensation negotiation and on-boarding process are conducted

*A 3-month-internship period may be given depending on the candidate's career

Recruiting Now